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Cerciz Topulli Square

June 21 @ 8:00 am - October 31 @ 5:00 pm

“Melani Masjid-Libohovë” Guide

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The starting point of the guide is the historic center of Gjirokastra, “Cerciz Topulli” Square. The journey continues on the national road to the village of Dervician. Later, itinerary continues at the foot of the “Wide Mountain” with one stop at the underwater cave of “Skotini”, representing a tourist attraction for the Gjirokastra region. The lake with clear water beneath this cave was discovered about 5 years ago by a group of Italian explorers. They dived about 55 meters deep into the deep cavern of “Skotini”, which is located near the “Vanister” Village, Dropull and is thought to go up to 200 meters. The guide goes on in some of the lower Dropullit villages, passing through the Dropull plain and through the village of Nepravishtë and then we climb to Bureti Mountain. The next stop is at the Castle and the Melan “Masjid”. A massive wall with polygonal and rectangular blocks surrounding the shore reminds you of an ancient fortification. This is also supported by the ceramic finds of the fourth century p.e.s. The wall was later reconstructed in the 5th or 6th centuries, when many of these spots on the top of the hills were re-smelted as the Roman Empire collapsed. These may be the remnants of Justinianopolis, a city of the sixth century, whose location has not been discovered. The main building has a circular prayer room with rooms and side gallery. The facade of the building has a beautiful upper gallery and is entirely built in typical Epirot style with typical cut-off areas of the area. The current structure was built on a previous Bektashi erection, led by Baba Hasani. The former millstone was along the eastern side of the valley that has been the main road to the north. The British Baron, Cam Hobhouse spent the area in 1809 with his friend Lord Byron during their trip from Preveza to visit Ali Pasha in Tepelena.

The journey continues by descending “Bureto” Mountain towards the town of Libohova where one stop for food and see the beauties of the area. After a lunch served with traditional food, the journey continues in the Drino river valley up to the village of Lazarat, where it joins the national road Gjirokastër-Tepelenë to continue the journey to Gjirokastra.

-Duration: 5 hours

-Road%: 20 asphalt / 80 no asphalt


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