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Prill 26 @ 9:00 am - Prill 29 @ 6:00 pm

South Outdoor Festival 2019 @Borsh

South Outdoor Festival is a celebration of everything that can be enjoyed outdoor. It celebrates sports, culture, tradition, music, nature and culinary. It gathers most popular outdoor activities in 4 days event and it take place in different locations of Southern Coastal Region of Albania every year. The festival invites participants from all over the country and the whole Europe to join, compete and have fun, spread the joy and experience unique beauty of nature, food, culture, tradition of south Albania.

Our next edition of South Outdoor Festival will be the weekend 26-29 April 2019.

South-coastal village of Borsh, will be the next stop for the festival of this year. Borsh is one of the biggest villages of South Albania and it is very known for it’s Olive groves fields, Olive oil production as well for it’s wide beach (7km long) created by the delta of the river. Borsh is also characterized by an extraordinary geological diversity, a blend of sea, mountains and amazing natural resources, as well as a rich cultural heritage, tradition and delicious cuisine that makes it ideal for all sorts of outdoor activities and a perfect tourism destination.

The venue this year will be in the middle of the Olive Groove fields, 200m from the coast, on the paved road leading to the sea.

An amazing array of musical talent, with acts and staging far better than most free festivals, will perform each day, and local beer, wine, and food vendors will be available for all the participants.


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